Loss Survivor Grief

When someone you love dies by suicide, it is common to feel many different emotions.  Keep in mind that any emotion you feel is appropriate—there is no right or wrong way to feel. The emotions and the time it takes to deal with a suicide death is unique for everyone—even people in the same family.

It is tragic when people struggling with such raw emotions feel criticized for not doing it the “right” way or in the “right” time frame. The point at which a person feels as if he/she is able to resume a “new normal” routine varies and is part of the grieving process. IT DOES NOT indicate how much a survivor loved or misses the person who has died by suicide.

Grief is unique to each person.  You can feel shock, angry, guilt, sadness, hopeless, depressed, lonely, shame, relief and many other emotions.

You may cry or not, laugh, feel numb or overwhelmed.   What you feel is what’s appropriate for you.  Loss survivors need to be kind to themselves and grieve in their own way in their own time.

Suicide grief support

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