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We are available to present our HELPING AFTER A SUICIDE LOSS: A COMMUNITY DIALOGUE WITH EARLY RESPONDERS workshop anywhere in the state. This presentation lasts about 2 hours and is geared towards early responders working with loss survivors after a suicide death in the community. Early responders include police, fire, EMT’s, clergy and funeral directors.

The presentation talks about suicide as a public health issue.  We cover the prevalence of suicide as well as the myths that prevail. We also talk about the impact of suicide on loss survivors, including prevalent emotions/reactions as well as struggles with which they often deal. The workshop also discusses the effects of being an early responder and being mindful of self-care as well as resources for both first responders and loss survivors. We are also gathering information from our audiences as to what we can do to help, what they see as the most prevalent struggles, and how we can work together to provide more immediate support for suicide loss survivors as well as provide support for early responders.

If you would like to get more information or book a training, please call or email:
Jim McCauley at 781.433.0672, Ext. 4932, E:[email protected] or
Debbie Helms at 978.327.6671, E:[email protected]

Suicide survivor support services

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